Monday, 22 March 2010

Another way to fail at customer relations

It was a windy day in Wellington (120kph forecast) today but Pacific(Virgin) Blue where confidently predicting the early arrival of DJ56 on their animated web page. Just like being in the pilot's seat!
Drive confidently to the airport  and find that DJ56 has been diverted to Auckland and will make another attempt to get to Wellington some time later in the day. Return home.
Wondering when I should return to airport to pick up returning son, I head back to Pacific Blue's site that had impressed me earlier to learn that the 'system' thinks that DJ56 has landed in Wellington on time at 3:15 with a picture of the track to prove it.

This revealed that the system does not report where the plane is, but where it should be . This  is not much use to anyone.
So I had to resort to the dreaded customer assistance phone service. I had to wait over 9 minutes to get a real person, but I had no better plans. What really annoyed me was the music on hold being interrupted every 30 seconds to tell me that I should avoid waiting by going on to the (discredited) website. Eventually, a real person was able to tell me that the plane was due to land in Wellington at 3:05 (the local time was then 4:18). I suppose the call centre was using even more out of date information a few time zones away. I updated the call centre with the news that the plane had been diverted , and was, after another delay, advised that that was correct but they had no further information! Not even when it was due in Auckland.

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