Saturday, 27 April 2013

Trees in Google Apps Script II

More learnings this week!

  • Don't try to work around deficiencies in Google products until you are desperate. After hacking a way through uncharted and untracked bush, you may find that Google has built a highway to your destination.
  • Technical documentation is really clear in hindsight - but then you do not need it.
In this post, I described a work around for the defective Tree widget in the Google Apps Script UI. I learnt a lot then. I am really pleased that the  long outstanding issue 307 from 2010 has been fixed.

I have spent a lot of time trying to get OAUTH2 to work for me to enable the use of Google Drive as an entry point for my Google Apps Script based applications. Reviewing the documentation now, it is obvious - why did it seem so much greek even with the benefit of +Arun Nagarajan 's video and code?

I will provide some details of the Google Drive + Google Apps Script implementation and purpose in a future post. Basically, folders and files are business records of the core business operation and it is natural for a significant class of users to use an open or create operation on a folder to initiate a business operation. It also allows business rules to be applied to the records (which may be scanned letters) before they become part of the stored information base.

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