Monday, 25 May 2009

Auckland Super City IT Costing

These two statements seem well out of step.
Merging council IT systems to create an Auckland "supercity" will cost
the best part of $200 million and could take eight years to complete,
according to consultancy firm Deloitte.

The [total] estimated integration costs have been assessed
to range in total between $120 million and $240 million over a
four-year implementation time frame from the Royal Commission Report
Did the Royal Commission ignore the costs of systems? Are IT
organisations and consultants taking the opportunity of change to gold-plate systems or
include the cost of deferred maintenance and upgrades?
While each organisation might have a different system for rating, dog licences etc., the business functions that these systems support are the same before and after implementation of the super city. The business of the new Auckland Council is an amalgamation and hopefully a slimming of the business of the existing authorities. While the changes for IT are not trivial, I suggest that the line by line examination of budgets does not stop at central government and someone asks hard questions along the lines of "why can't one of the  existing finance sytems, dog licencing systems etc be scaled up to cater for the increased population?".

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