Saturday, 20 September 2008

BPMN Modeler Eclipse Sub-project

Intalio has announced a move to raise the status of the BPMN Modeler component to
a sub-project under the top level project Eclipse SOA Tools
Platform (STP)

The BPMN sub-project will focus on building an usable and extensible
graphical modeler by leveraging the tools provided by the Graphical
Modeling Framework and the EMF Validation Framework.
  • Provide a first class user experience when it comes to designing processes, using graphical assistants.
  • Provide a graphical notation according to the BPMN standard.
  • Provide ways to extend the modeler to integrate it within commercial products.
Great stuff.
Let us avoid the situation where people describing their view of the real world are constrained by a developer's pain of how the real world may have to be transformed into code.
I would really like to see a mandate to allow modelling in line with major proposals in BPMN rather than limited to published specifications. This seems to be a real benefit of extensibility. Perhaps it is a bit late for BPMN 2.0 but it would be good to be able to explore major changes within the normal modelling toolset.


Antoine said...

David, thanks for your post.

I have three propositions:
1. Come comment the proposal on the BPMN newsgroup here:
(still not on at this time, but hopefully should be by next week).
2. Add yourself to the interested parties of the proposal:
this helps showing there is a community of interest around the modeler, and does not involve further engagement from you.
3. Give the permission to quote you. Intalio plans on sponsoring a press release if or when the sub-project proposal is accepted.

Thanks for you interest,


Antoine said...

David, can I renew my proposal ?

Even though you are no developer, I'd be very happy to add you to the list of interested parties. That doesn't require any technical skills or further involvement, but shows there is a community out there who cares about this project.