Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Desktop on Demand

In Desktop on Demand Concept looks to quash privacy issues Desire Athow presents a new service as a solution to a privacy issue associated with web browsing...
Desktop on Demand, a remote desktop service launched by Security Firm De Futuro, aims at providing IT and document management teams with a full office suite, enhanced privacy and file sharing functionality.

The additional privacy inherent in the product is the result of a remotely hosted Web browser, which eliminates the possibility of the user's usage habits being tracked by the ISP.

"Our users surf from behind the curtain of our domain," explained Paresh Morjaria, managing director of De Futuro. "As a result, web browsing is once more anonymous. This is a huge benefit for users concerned about Big Brother peeping into their Web usage records. From here information can be derived that could negatively impact on their employment opportunities, insurance prospects or relationship with current employers.
Apart from replacing one potential Big Brother with one, the mere use of such a service could be regarded as a black mark against the individual ... if you use this you must have something to hide about your web traffic ... leaking sensitive info, porn, money laundering.

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